When I was younger, my daddy was my hero. He bandaged my knees and taught me how to ride a bike. He consoled me, answered my incessant questions, and instilled in me values of honor and respect. He provided for me and my family and loved me even when I disappointed him.

He was the best. But it’s not the past any longer.

From where I stand today, my dad feels more like a familiar, steady friend. He challenges me and expects honor and respect. He provides for me and my family, consoles me, and pushes me when I am tempted to settle for mediocrity. He answers my incessant questions and reminds me that you can only go as far in life as you’re willing to take yourself. He assures me that nothing is impossible if you have the courage to pursue it. He trusts me, and the job he did in raising me, enough to let me fly free.

My dad demonstrated just how wonderful it is to have a loving Father. He showed just how wonderful it is to have someone who will let you dance around on their shoes and be carried around the house clutched to his leg, sitting on his foot. 

As I reflect back on my life as his “little one”, I praise God for how much He blessed me when He placed me in my dad’s care and with clear eyes I see just how much my dad’s love prepared me for a relationship with my Heavenly Father. 

I can trust God’s words because I trust my dad’s words. I can fearfully respect the Lord because I reverently respect my dad. I don’t doubt that God will provide because my dad continually provided for his family. I know the Lord will answer my incessant questions and comfort me through my doubts because that’s what my dad did. I know that He won’t send me down a path without leading me first because my dad always, always, always led his family. When the road was easy and sunny, my dad led us to rejoice and be thankful. When the road was windy and tough, my dad taught us to value what we still had, to rejoice and be thankful. So I can be certain that whether the road is easy or tough, the Lord will always, always, always lead His family.

I know that there is nothing I can do to make God love me any less simply because there’s nothing I could do to make Him love me more. My dad loves me simply because I am his daughter, just as God loves me because I am His daughter.

And there is nothing quite likes the steadiness of a Father’s love.

On this day, as I celebrate my dad and give millions of hugs to the wonderful man who raised me, I praise God because He is the one who created him.


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