Ladies and gentlemen, we have now reached 10,000 feet.

I was so overcome by the sheer beauty and magnitude of breaking through the cloud cover to a glowing white sky that my heart fluttered and a tear formed in my eye.

This was more than natural reactions to a higher g-force and altitude. My soul was leaping and jumping and dancing around in utter happiness that I get to enjoy something so profound.

Do birds even get up this high?

We have figured out a way to propel ourselves high in the sky and glide through air and clouds and water without much impact to our bodies. We have hacked into the beauty of the overall view. The big picture. The infinite in the finite.

I can’t fall asleep.

There is nothing normal or pedestrian about sitting in a metal bird 15,000 feet away from New York. Away from all doubts and stress and commonality. This is not an experience I wish to take for granted.

This is magic.


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