I think social media is too often filled with people’s highlight reels (especially around this time of year). Our photos and statuses are primarily our final productions and little to no hint toward how terribly our dress rehearsals went. So instead of all that, I’m going to be completely honest with how my year was.

I put too much pressure and forced energy on major life events of mine in 2014: moving to Brooklyn, the direction my career was going to take, going back to school, and what it meant to turn 25. As is to be expected when we make plans and try to control life, it all burst apart in ways I couldn’t ever have seen coming. 

But there were also the little victories: skiing down the bunny slope without falling, going on a 7 mile hike, finding more happy places in little corners of the world, asking myself what desire and happiness really means, eating fresh strawberries, making my first sauce, biking around cities, picking apples off a tree, releasing the fears embedded in actually listening to what you want for yourself, letting go of what no longer served me, and the absolute joy that comes from knowing who your friends are.

And now, I’m left with only a few resolutions and definitely no hard goals. I resolve to stop making plans, to be kinder and more forgiving (mostly to myself but also to others), to stay continually open to new experiences and courses that inevitably reroute, and to accept that my own happiness happens to be rooted in the little victories.

Happy New Year, everybody. Cheers to your own honesty and wellness.

(originally posted to Facebook)


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