A smile, a nod, a promise
I’m fine. But meanwhile
A hurricane rips right through
My mind.



I can’t see it

because I don’t feel it

and because I don’t feel it

I can’t show it

but you can’t feel it

because I don’t show it

and because I don’t show it

you can’t make it be.

But if thoughts could be bounced back and forth

without ever having to say anything

and if you could roam the depths of my brain

and if you could peer into the lowest bits of my heart

you would see what you needed

and hear what you wanted

and feel what you require

and it would, and it could, and it should



You beat furiously.

And you kick forcefully.

You feel intensely.

And you have your own motives.

You hide things from me.

And you’re elusive.

You scare me.

I don’t want to look too deeply into you,

For fear of what I might find out.

I don’t want to spend too much time with you,

For fear of what I won’t be able to forget.

You know all of me.

And you anticipate everything.

You are me.

And I am you.

So I guess that means,

I scare me too.