I’m sure you’ve experienced the sting of not being listened to. Whether it was carefully crafted advice that fell on deaf ears, hopes and dreams squashed by an authority figure or an expert opinion passed over at work, we’ve all been there. After too many instances, you learn to keep quiet. You reason that there’s no point in speaking up; you stop caring. Shortly thereafter you all but forget what rejection feels like or what your voice sounds like. Your ideas fall into bins before they’re given much thought. Your feelings slip under heavy rugs.

And finally, all is silent. Frustratingly silent.

Your soul — your very essence, your intuitive guide through life — experiences the sting of not being listened to as well. Each time you stopped crafting advice, stopped following your dreams, and stopped sharing your expert opinions, a little piece of you cries out. As a young 20-something, I’ve realized that the reason I often feel without direction is because, after hundreds of little instances where I didn’t respond to the tug, my soul stopped speaking out loud.

But it’s okay.

Because we all wander through life hearing our soul clearly and not so clearly. Life is all about the journey of coming back to yourself. So just open your ears and do what you are being gently guided to do.




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